TTgamer’s Most Anticipated Games of 2015

Games have always been at the forefront to capitalize on advancing technology,and in the recent past the emphasis has been increasingly on the improvement of graphical capabilities from shaders to lighting, water effects etc. However we see a change in this generation of games, as it seems we have hit a glass ceiling with respect to graphics, remember back in the day when you first got the “snes” (or if you were like me the “genesis”), how much better than the “nes” the games looked ? or when you made that jump from the ps1 to the ps2, well nowadays the difference between the consoles from a graphical stand point isn’t as easily discernible. This however does not mean that there are not massive advances in this generation’s hardware, but the progression seems to be in the overall processing capabilities of today’s systems allowing developers to stretch what we previously believed was possible in games. We are seeing games with huge worlds and non linear game-play unlike anything that was seen before, artificial intelligence with human like reflexes and interactions, not to mention the level of destructible environments in these modern games. As 2014 draws to a close we acknowledge all of the wonderful games that were released that took advantage of the available technology, but we dedicated this blog to the games that are carded for release in 2015 and have yet again found ways to break the previous boundaries and wow us with their technological prowess. These are “TTgamer’s Most Anticipated Games of 2015


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