TTgamer’s MK-X Showcase (MK history)

I don’t know the year but I do remember the 1st time I saw Mortal Kombat in the arcade, I also cant remember how old I was but it was definitely not old enough to be witnessing the the level of violence that game had to offer, but all the same it was a fascinating experience that didn’t explode my child brain, but was unlike anything I had ever experienced in the arcade at that point.


I had heard about the game before though, from a close friend of mine who was always fortunate to get to play games before I did, and I would normally rely on him to describe the new games to me before I actually got to see them for myself, and this time he told me bout this game he had seen in the Piarco airport arcade (is that arcade still there!??… anyways….) that was similar to street fighter but “way badder” he said, he said to me that there is a guy in it that shoots a spear out of his hand that hooks and pulls the other player towards him and he yells”come here” lol, to be honest at the time I thought he was exaggerating a bit but I still wanted to play it really badly and even more so when he described that there was a ninja in the game that could shoot ice and freeze you “WTF”.


The whole thing sounded so unreal, but sure enough I soon learned that he was not exaggerating at all and the game was all that he describe and so much more. I stood there looking at the demo of the game on the cabinet as I had no money to buy tokens, and it kept showing some of the fatalities and story elements of the game and I was completely drawn into it so much so that I lost track of time and had to run home before it turned dark. All I could think about that night was how awesome that game was and how badly I wanted to save some money to go back to play it. Well I did go back….. and I did play it, over and over.

Mortal_Kombat_II_SNESThe next few years I played all the sequels and I remember when my friend who introduced me to the game in the 1st place got Mortal Kombat 2 for super Nintendo one August (summer) holidays and we played that game for 2 months straight, this was a trend for every version of the game after that, I would say up to MK Trilogy, after which I was older and lost interest in the franchise as to me it didn’t translate well over into 3D, and there were so many other fighting games at that point that were just as good and not to mention the shock of the extreme violence of MK was being matched by many other games during this period and wasn’t much of a novelty anymore. Now fast forward to 2015 and my interest in the MK franchise has experienced somewhat of a revival, for me at the time the original MK was released it was fascinating because it broke all the rules and looked and felt different than anything else that was out at the time and from what I have seen of MK X they seem to have managed to recapture some of the novelty and fascination of the earlier incarnations…if you aren’t buying my feelings about it, take a look below at this compilation of MK X promos we cut together…..

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