Street Fighter Assassins Fist TTgamers “Short Review”

Let me start of by saying that most of you may have heard about, and or watched Assassins Fist already, but for those of you who have not, understand that you have missed out on an epic piece of fan service to the Street Fighter community, but have no fear as the series in its entirety can be found at Machinima’s Youtube channel (see link below) “UPDATE: Series removed from youtube and now available on dvd and bluray”
I must admit I went into Assassins Fist with low expectations of the overall quality of the series, I would say that I simply expected to be mildly entertained by seeing the Street Fighter characters in live action again after the horrid past attempts to bring them to the big screen **Street Fighter 1994Street Fighter – Legend of Chun-Li** but needless to say I was pleasantly surprised to be graced with a series with surprisingly high production value and very good and convincing dialogue as well as acting, and if that wasnt enough, where Assassins Fist ultimately shines is in the fight sequences. These were spot on and seemed to mirror exactly what you would see in the actual video game. The story elements also made for very good watching as the series took time to develop all of its key characters and properly conveyed the emotions and motivations of each. Now with all that being said Assassins Fist is not perfect, there are some cringe worthy dialogue moments and a few silly wardrobe choices (I’m lookin’ and you ken) but overall these were not enough to take me out of the story too much. Therefore my general opinion is that this was an excellent first effort from the team that made it and from the look of things they will be making more soon, so I highly recommend checking out Assassins Fist and I give it a solid TTgamers 4 out of 5 ‘fierce jabs’

**Please note this was a “small” review, but see below for links to more information about the series and how it came about, as well as info from the team that made it” Thanks for reading!

Author: Alex H.

StreetfighterLegacy Youtube page – where it all started

Creator / Director also plays Akuma – website

Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist – Facebook page

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