Netflix Releases an Official STRANGER THINGS 8-Bit Video Game


Netflix has finally released an official, playable 8-bit video game for Stranger Things! You can play the game online for free! That’s not all, though. They also have 8-bit games for three of their other series including Narcos, Marco Polo, and Orange is the New Black.

In the Stranger Things game, you play as Mike, and you try and outrun the monstrous Demogorgon, who spits balls of darkness at you. The only action you really have to do is jump over the obstacles. With Narcos, you play Pablo Escobar and escape from being captured in Columbia. You play Piper in the Orange in the New Black game and catch chickens while dodging cafeteria trays.

All the games are pretty much the same but with different settings and themes, and they’re pretty simple, but if you have some time to kill, then play it for a few minutes by clicking here!

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