Local Minecraft server is back up!

Last year there was this great little Trinbago base Minecraft server that ran for a couple months and boasted at its peak a modest 30 players, before a major breakdown in the craft-bukkit system used to host it caused them to have to temporarily shut it down, TTgamers.com reached out to the guys for an update and they have just restored the server and has updated it to the latest 1.8.6 version, and hence are inviting all interested players to come try it out again… see below details on joining and playing on the server…

How To Join Core Server??
**A valid minecraft.net username is required to play, it does not matter whether paid of free account*****
Add new server to your minecraft multiplayer server list
Server Name: Core
Server Address: corett.servegame.org
once you successfully joined the server, send an email to minecraftgctt@gmail.com stating your ingame username and request citizenship, without citizenship you will have an immigrant status and will not be allowed to build in the world.

n.b. requesting citizenship means you have read and agree to the rules of the server.

login login2


You can reach the hosting team via :



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