Free DayZ Browser Game Adds Multiplayer

MiniDayZ gets a little bigger today.

Bohemia Interactive’s MiniDayZ, the free 2D standalone game based on the zombie series, has added multiplayer support. The developer announced and released the new mode today, explaining that it supports up to twenty “mini survivors.” Players can join an existing server or host their own.

Right now, MiniDayZ’s multiplayer mode does not feature all single-player elements; one notable omission is crafting. However, Bohemia says crafting, along other other features like potentially even more multiplayer modes, will be released later through future updates.

See below for a breakdown, provided by Bohemia, of all the MiniDayZ features available right now and those coming later.

Just like the main version of DayZ, MiniDayZ challenges players to survive in a ruthless world full of zombies–and now other human characters. One major difference apart from the visuals is that MiniDayZ is played from a top-down perspective.

You can play MiniDayZ in your browser right now through Bohemia’s website or GameStop’s Kongregate online game hub.

MiniDayZ Multiplayer Features:

  • Ability to create your own servers
  • Drivable vehicles (VS3, UAZ, Volga) and gasoline added (also available in single-player)
  • Game chat added, you can write to all players on server or only to players you see (can be switched by clicking on chat icon)
  • Gestures added for faster communication
  • New hidden places and secret locations on map

MiniDayZ Multiplayer Version 1.0.0 does not yet contain:

  • Character saving position and loot
  • Tree chopping
  • Taking knives as melee
  • Tents
  • Closable building doors

SOURCE: Gamespot

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