Join Our Clan: TTG Raiders (Clash Of Clans)

TTGamers invites you to join our newly formed clan TTG Raiders. There is no restrictions to join, we simply ask that you follow simple rules: Donate, Participate in War and Seek advice.

Promotions, Rewards & Giveaways

To become eligible for clan promotions, rewards and giveaways you must
1. Join the TTG Raiders Clan
2. Sign up for TTGamers membership on using your email address and clash of clans alias
3. Be an active clan member
4. Participate in War
5. Donate

Promotions & Rewards Guidelines

All clan members will be evaluated based on their performance in the clan during and out of war. This includes the ability:

  • To be a team player
  • To effectively communicate without profanity or disrespect to any member
  • To follow instructions
  • To demonstrate progress by means of upgrades, shared replays of attacks and defense and war participation (attack and defense strategies)
  • To actively donate and request troops: Troops Donated (200+), Troops
    Received (200+)

Giveaways and Events

Giveaways will be decided by the TTGamers team and occur sporadically to ensure that clan members are fulfilling all requirements at all times.

Some giveaways will be digital and can only be redeemed via email.

Clues will be left in clan mail, Facebook group as well as the website so members should check in to see when a promotion is ongoing to have a fair chance at winning.

Clan meets and other events will be hosted on announced dates in the Facebook Group and on the website.

Clan Promotion

Promotion occurs when a member demonstrates that all clan rules are being followed and that they are sufficiently able to offer overall support and advice to other clan members.

Once promoted, the member has a 30 day period in which he/she will be evaluated to determine if they can sufficiently fulfill their responsibilities as an elder or co-leader. Once the evaluation is successful, the position can be kept, if not, the member will revert to the previous status in the clan.

If however, after a successful evaluation the member is not fulfilling his/her duties or breaking the clan rules, they will be communicated with regarding the issue on no more than three (3) occasions after which they will be kicked from the clan.

Town Hall level 7 and below as well as new members.

Town Hall level Eight (8) and up that fulfill all clan requirements
An elder is responsible for providing support, donating to members and ensuring that new members follow clan rules.
He/she can coordinate with the co-leader regarding clan war decisions
The elder can accept clan invites but cannot reject. If the person requesting to join was previously kicked or does not meet clan requirements, the elder should seek advice from their co-leader(s)

Town Hall level Nine (9) and up that fulfill all clan requirements
A co-leader can search for war, give war plan instructions, provide support to all members.
Clan invites can be accepted but not rejected. If the person requesting to join was previously kicked or does not meet clan requirements, the co-leader should seek advice from the leader.
A co-leader is not allowed to kick any member without consulting the leader and other co-leaders on such a decision.

This information is subject to change at any time by TTGamers. All changes will be communicated to the clan.

We thank you guys so much for being a part of the team. This will be huge!

Let’s Clash!!


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