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    Give your thoughts on movies that were made into video games.



    Well as I read this and watch the pics you have attached I could definitely say that “Matrix path of Neo” was toots in my opinion and I’ve never played Avatar. Didn’t even know they made a game from the movie, probably someone who has played it could say from their experience. But I’ve never really thought about movies that I’d like games made from, would rack my brain on it some point in the future … FOOD FOR THOUGHT!



    I’m guessing that with the success at the box office they decided to try making some money on a game version. Doubt it made any real headway as it’s not a game that have gamers talking about.

    I also agree with you on the Matrix game was a blah for me as well had some good aspects but overall not a game I’d recommend as a must play.

    I’ve never really thought about the topic as well til the thought popped into my head so I decided to ask other gamers to get their thoughts on it.

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